Monday, December 15, 2014

Library Suggestion Board

HAVE you noticed our RETRO suggestion board as you walk into the Main Library?   Yes we have named it RETRO - harking back to the pre-digital days when suggestion boards were more transparent.  The suggestion board has been in the Main Library for only a few months and has been a popular medium for students requesting services in the Library!  We have received MANY and have responded accordingly.  Here are some suggestions from our Bond students:

Drinking fountain... Office supplies ... Coffee late at night ... Adobe software ... Slippery slide! ... Printing... Cleaning... Massage Therapist ... PS3 Fifa Games ... Library bags ... Reserving computers ... Sleep pods ... Silent areas ... Locker loans ... Lighting ... Student kitchen.

Would you like to see our responses that we have pinned up?  Come into the Main Library and visit the suggestion board!

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