Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Update - The Research Game has now finished...

The Game has been completed and winners drawn from the hat, or in our case library bag!

The winner of the iPad mini was...

Panyawat Lapying!!! Panyawat is a student in Law. Congrats Panyawat!

Panyawat and Ben collect their prizes

The winners of the $50 iTunes voucher went to...

Wolfgang Marx and Ben Tomocek.

Well done all, and particularly to our champions at the top of the board. We have included the Leaderboard link below so you can have a look and can see a run down of the action that unfolded. If you didn't complete the last task of the Game we would really appreciate your feedback, so please get in there and answer a few q's for us :)

Game’s Leaderboard

We hope you enjoyed the Game!!

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