Friday, August 15, 2014

Do you love science?

Next week is National Science Week! The week aims to get people talking about science in Australia - celebrating our scientific achievements and encouraging Australians to 'become fascinated by the world we live in' - a fantastic goal I think. As a research institution Bond is at the forefront of science in many different areas.

If you're a science-lover and want something to fascinate you, here's a few suggestions (click a book cover for detail on how to access a book):  

Join Charles Darwin on a 5 year scientific expedition, as he's working out nothing less than the theory of evolution.  
This one looks fascinating, winning a Pulitzer Prize and turning up frequently on internet lists of the best science books ever. The content looks a bit mind-bending, touching on philosophy, creativity, pattern-making, and learning how to think. I think I'll borrow this one soon.  
If you're interested in sports science you'll want to read this. Check out some of the reviews here - the book has certainly got people talking.
When science goes...bad!! This book exposes the bad science that is unfortunately common in our everyday lives, including 'quack doctors, flaky statistics, scaremongering journalists and evil pharmaceutical companies'. The book's quite funny as well apparently.
Part science, part history, and part art, this book will make you think of the Great Barrier Reef in new ways. The book has been called 'necessary reading for anyone who cares about the future of the ocean'.

'America's funniest science writer' gives you a lesson in biology you're unlikely to forget. Take a journey through the alimentary canal (if you dare).

If your taste is more more journal articles than books, why not check out the hottest articles in your chosen field? The Top 25 from Sciencedirect lists the hottest articles (by downloads) in fields such as biochemistry, business, environmental science, medicine, and the humanities.

Enjoy your reading!

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