Sunday, May 25, 2014

Library & Information Week Draws to a Close

Library Services had two activities on during national Library & Information Week 2014. One for students and one for staff.

Quiz Extended - YES! UPDATE 2 June - The prize draw is closed, but you can still take the quiz.
Students have another week to take the Join the Dots Quiz and go in the prize draw for a game of Twister. There have been so many distractions with 25th anniversary celebrations, settling in to a new semester, club sign-on day and more that we thought some of you may have missed seeing this opportunity. While it's still early in the semester it is a good time to find out how the Library can help you before you get stuck into assignments.

Global Links Room Drop In Day
We'd like to thank the academic staff who came along to learn about the Global Links Room and talk about how they might be able to use it for technology-enhanced learning experiences. Our librarians enjoyed working with our colleagues in the Office of Learning & Teaching on this joint initiative, and making new connections.
The lucky winners of the door prizes were Yvonne from Society & Design, Damien from Law and Carmel and Jo from Medicine. Congratulations.
Did you enjoy seeing the old library technology and reading the library stories on the reflection wall in the Main Library? Although these were part of the 25th Anniversary Homecoming Community Day, they did help tell the story of how Bond University Library has helped students and staff to join the dots, connect ideas and create knowledge over the years. And that fitted perfectly with the aims of Library and Information Week, so we kept them up this week too. We enjoyed reading the messages that were posted up on the reflection wall.

And Finally
To wrap-up Library and Information Week 2014, take a look at these examples of spectacular architecture and design that have stood the test of time. These remarkable structures prove that libraries can make an inspirational design statement as well as fulfilling all the other functions expected of the modern day library – housing all forms of media and offering dynamic public spaces that foster community engagement.
In today’s digital age, libraries remain amongst the most relevant and valued cultural institutions in any community.

Wendy Abbott, University Librarian

Image: Seattle Public Library Exoskeleton CC Fiona Bradley

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  1. The Join the Dots Quiz Prize Draw has closed, but you can still take the quiz at this address to learn how the Library can help you prepare for assignments.