Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Bond Library on History Pin

Have you heard of History Pin? It is an online, collaborative photography archive containing content shared by individuals or organisations. The point of difference to other photo-sharing services is that you can "pin" your photos to Google Maps, creating a context for the image that other users can then comment on, or update using the History Pin app. Users can take "repeats" of old photos to show how a location has changed over time.

For the Bond University 25th Anniversary celebrations the library staff spent a lot of time digging through the photos in the Library archive, The Bond Gallery. You might have seen some of the photos displayed around the library. There were so many great pictures we decided we would share them on History Pin to showcase our beautiful campus with not just the Bond community but a broader, global community. So here it is: Bond Library's History Pin channel!

There are many cultural institutions that use History Pin. Here are some other channels that share local content:

So download the History Pin app today and contribute your own pictures to the History of Bond University! We'd love to see some "repeats" of our old images!

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