Friday, May 09, 2014

25th Anniversary Celebrations in the Library

People often have a lot of nostalgia for their old University library. You might have met someone special there, or discovered a new author, a new favourite director, a new passion. Maybe the library just reminds you of the many, many hours you spent studying for exams that may now seem like forever ago.

At Bond University Library a lot has changed over the past 25 years. A major renovation of the Main Library in 2009 transformed it into an beautiful, welcoming, well-used space at the centre of the student experience. We have a whole new high-tech teaching and learning space in the Balnaves Multimedia Learning Centre (MLC). Our day-to-day work as librarians has changed dramatically as we embrace new technologies and new methods of delivering academic content digitally, that to most people now seems like second nature. A lot of what has changed you can't even necessarily see - the hundreds of thousands of electronic resources staff and students access online, including a great number of textbooks now available as eBooks.

As part of the University's Homecoming Community Day on Friday the 16th of May, the Library is hosting several events that will be a trip down memory lane for many alumni and visitors:

  • From Vision to Reality: A Pictorial Library Retrospective: Explore the outstanding transformation of the John and Alison Kearney Main Library through pictorial displays and exhibits of new and old Library media and equipment. Experience the transformation from the quiet reflective pre-digital era to the interactive age of the internet.
  • Bond’s Early Years on Screen: Visit the Octagon Theatrette to view historical footage of Bond University.
  • Library Tours: Hosted tours on the hour (10.00, 11.00, 12.00, 13.00, 14.00, 15.00). No bookings required, we will meet you at the front entrance.
  • Library Technology over the years: A display of pre-digital library equipment which might trigger a memory or two.
  • I remember…. Share your Library Stories: Contribute your recollections and photos of the Library to the reflection wall. Pin them up on the day, or share your story or photo online and we'll pin it up for you if you can't attend in person: 

We look forward to seeing some familiar faces, as well as meeting some new people on the day. Remember to use the #Bond25years hashtag if you're sharing the day on social media. 

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