Monday, March 31, 2014

Looking for somewhere to charge your mobile?

Run down your phone battery with panicked calls to your parents or friends about exams? Plug into one of the library's free Charge Bars. There is one in the cafe in the Main Library and another in the Law Library. 

Here's a break down of the cables the Charge Bar has:
  • 2 x original Apple cables (suits Apple iPhone 3/4 & early iPads)
  • 2 x Apple "Lightning" cables (suits Apple iPhone 5 & new generations iPads)
  • 3 x MicroUSB cables (suits all Android powered smartphones & tablets from a variety of manufacturers)
  • 1 x MiniUSB cable (suits older Android powered devices & blackberry's)

Using the Charge Bar is simple: just plug in your device to the right cable - and make sure you don't leave your device unattended

BONUS TIP: Switch your phone to 'flight mode' for an extra-fast charge. 

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