Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Pivotal Reads from the LinkedIn Community

LinkedIn recently posted about the books that members were most engaged with and talked about the most.
We have some of them in our collection if you are looking for a read that inspired the LinkedIn community.

Cover ImageMandela's way: fifteen lessons on life, love, and courage by Stengel, Richard and Mandela, Nelson
2009, ISBN 0307460681, 1st ed., ix, 243

Cover ImageThe alchemist by Coelho, Paulo and Clarke, Alan
1998, ISBN 0061122416, x, 197 (hardcopy)

Cover ImageHow to win friends and influence people by Carnegie, Dale
2006, ISBN 9780091906818, New ed., xxiv, 268


Atlas shrugged by Rand, Ayn1992, ISBN 9780452011878, 35th anniversary ed., xv, 1168

Think and Grow Rich: The Original Classic by Hill, Napoleon
2010, ISBN 9780857082015

Cover ImageTeam of rivals: the political genius of Abraham Lincoln by Goodwin, Doris Kearns
2009, ISBN 0141043725, xix, 916

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