Thursday, January 09, 2014

Email Ninjas – the answer to the question

There was a huge roll up to the email ninja session in O-Week. It was standing room only so we are offering another session on this topic on Thursday the 23rd (10.30am) for anyone who missed out. The session will cover how to set up folders and create inbox rules in Office 365 Outlook to help manage your communications. It is a demonstration, no need to log into your email.


Here is the promised answer to the question we got stuck on.

Q: How can I add external contacts to a rule? They are not searchable in the contacts list. eg. I want to put all the messages from my family into a folder.

A: The addresses need to be added to your contacts list before trying to add them to a rule, or, you can right click on a message in your inbox and create a rule directly from there.

  1. In the blue menu bar select People then add new contacts by clicking on the +new link.Contacts
  2. Go back to Options>Organize Email
  3. Create a new rule
  4. Select all of your family contacts when editing the rule.
    selectingcontacts familyrule

Any time a new message comes in that makes you think you need a new rule, you can create one quickly by using the right-click create rule function.



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