Monday, December 02, 2013

Library Celebrates with Friends and Supporters

The Library’s success depends a great deal on good connections and links with wider University community of undergraduate students, postgraduate students, staff in Faculties, staff in central units and researchers. On Tuesday 26 November, an afternoon tea was held to thank friends and supporters for their contributions to the Library’s mission and activities in 2013.
2013 was an interesting and challenging year of reinstating the Library as a separate element in the University after significant organisational change late in 2012.

Early in 2013 all Library staff were involved in reassessing key priorities and directions for the future of Library Services. In developing the new Library Plan 2013 – 2015 we were greatly assisted by Dr Chris Andrews, Ken Richardson and Alan Finch.

In 2013 the Library Advisory Committee was re-established thanks to the efforts of Secretary, Trevor Poyner and Chair, Dr Brenda Marshall in reviewing the terms of reference and getting the Committee back on track. Other members of the Library Advisory Committee are Alan Finch, Carolyn Byrne, Debbie Hanna, BUSA representatives Rupert Holden and Matt Maclean, Dr Dirk Hovorka, Dr Shelley Kinash, Dr Linda Too, Dr James Ferguson, Professor Richard Hays and Brett Walker. All members of the Library Advisory Committee were acknowledged for their advice and support.

Despite the organisational separation of Library and Information Technology Services in September 2012, the two units have continued to jointly offer the integrated Library and Computing Service Desk as a one-stop-shop. Rajan Davio (Director, ITS) and Carolyn Tudehope (Service Desk Supervisor) were recognised for their commitment to coordinating with the Library to offer a service that is much appreciated … and highly praised in the recent Library survey – a 93% satisfaction rating for staff!

Another significant change for 2013 was the closer alliance between the Library and the Office of Research Services. Sharing office space with the ORS team has had great spinoffs in terms of improving the Library’s links into the University’s research community and thereby enabling better Library support for the University’s research goals.  The ORS team are wonderful neighbours!

One advantage of the closer Library – ORS collaboration was increased Library participation in Research Week 2013 including the Researchers Game (created by David Honeyman) with a fabulous prize supplied by ORS!

Another Research Week initiative coordinated by the Library was the Get Visible panel session. This was a collaboration between the Library and a number of researchers who are active on social media to discuss how new media can be used to enhance the researcher’s profile. The success of the Get Visible Panel session can be attributed to the experience and insights of the panel including panel host, Dr Daniel Brennan and panel members Dr Jeff Brand, Caroline Graham, Dr Michael Rees, Dr Katrina Bramstedt, Peta Hopkins and PHD student Tracy Whitelaw. Panel coordination and organisation by Peta Hopkins and Jo Hare were also acknowledged. A video of the Get Visible Panel session is available.

An entertaining seminar presented by Emerita Professor Kay Saunders on The Process of Historical Research and Its Challenges was another Library initiative in Research Week.

Special mention was given to the Bond community members who participated in the Library’s Instagram panel session which featured at ALIA’s national Information Online Conference in Brisbane in February. The panel session explored the purpose, benefits, risks and limitations of Instagram, and how sharing photos online can be used to engage followers. The success of the panel session was credited to the commitment, enthusiasm and expertise of the panel members including Dr Daniel Brennan as panel host and panel members Mitch Willocks (Bond student), Christian Bowman (Internet Marketing Manager), Inger Van Dyke (Professional Wildlife Photojournalist), Dr Jeff Brand (via a video) and Library staff members Jo Hare and Peta Hopkins.

Close collaboration with Faculties and the Student Association underpins successful library operations. Faculty Deans and the BUSA were thanked for their assistance and cooperation throughout the year.
In concluding Alan Finch acknowledged Library staff for their commitment to great customer service and for their positive and dedicated approach. 2013 was a great team effort.

Wendy Abbott, University Librarian

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