Friday, December 06, 2013

Do you have Chronic Procrastination Disorder?

I hope you haven't been suffering from CPD in the lead up to exams!

Procrastination Meter image by Emilie Ogez on Flickr CC

Actually Chronic Procrastination Disorder is not a real thing, so I'm afraid you can't get a medical certificate. The disorder was created and launched at the 2013 Festival of Ideas in Melbourne, to highlight the growing problem of 'medicalising normality' - labelling ordinary life experiences such as ordinary grief or sexual dysfunction as disorders, dysfunctions or diseases. A related issue is that of overdiagnosis, an area of research at Bond's Centre for Research in Evidence-Based Practice (CREBP).

The article on Chronic Procrastination Disorder by Ray Moynihan of the CREBP is an amusing read for students of the Health Sciences and Medicine.

Now stop procrastinating - exams are upon us!

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