Thursday, October 10, 2013

Do it in a dress!

It would be hard to miss all the students traipsing around campus this week dressed in girl's school uniforms - especially the boys. But you may be wondering what exactly they are up to.

It's all for a campaign called Do it in a dress, which aims to raise awareness and funds to provide education and support to girls in Sierra Leone. 

From the team fundraising page:

"In 2012, a group of Bond Students raised a grand total of $4357 by wearing school girl's dresses around campus for a week. In 2012, 18 girls went to school because of our effort's and One Girl's incredible campaign.... 

We believe education is a human right worth fighting for."
Image from Bond Library on Instagram

Let's all take a moment to think about how fortunate we are, then pull out our wallets and help the team beat last year's fundraising efforts.

Go to and donate now. Any donation, small or large, can go a long way in helping a girl in Africa get into school and stay there. 

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