Wednesday, August 28, 2013

e-publications@bond complements social media sites

Many researchers are adopting social media sites and networks to promote their publications and create an online profile to assist them raise awareness of their research and increase opportunities for collaboration.  The University’s digital repository, e-publications@bond, has many similar characteristics with the added bonus of being a we-do-it-for-you service.
Did you know that epublications@Bond can:
  • Embed Youtube videos - why not record an introductory video to your paper
  • Embed Slideshare presentations - why not post your slides alongside your conference paper
  • Show altmetrics statistics for DOI outputs  - find out how many shout-outs there are about your journal article
Join now by sending your articles to the Scholarly Publications team and enjoy the added benefits of using e-publications@bond to promote your research.
Comparison of features

If you’d like to think about raising your profile with social media, you'll like this event...

Be sure to register for the Library's Get Visible or Vanish panel session in Research Week to hear from Bond researchers active in social media as they discuss opportunities and pitfalls of blogging, tweeting and social networking to raise research profiles.
Thank you to Pat Loria for the basis of the table.

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