Thursday, August 15, 2013

Course Reserve Information for Staff

Each semester the Library aims to make available the important resources for each subject, as requested by academic staff.

We will:
  • Acquire copies of the prescribed text, and other books,dvds,etc. if we don't have them
  • Make sure there is at least one copy of prescribed/essential items available in the Library's Reserve section for 3 hour loan and 7 day loans
  • Provide links to online readings* that can be placed in iLearn sites

At the end of every semester all reserve materials are removed. This is to comply with copyright restrictions, and to make sure that these materials are up to date from semester to semester. This means that staff members need to submit their requests before each new semester, even if the materials haven't changed.

Requests can be submitted via this form (staff members only). If you already have a list in a word or pdf document you can just attach it to the form. Alternatively you can email your request to (please remember to include the subject code and subject name).

* Online readings might be journal articles, book chapters, or pdf versions of reports or other copyrighted documents. If the reading is freely accessible on the web you can just put the URL into iLearn, but if you're unsure feel free to contact your Faculty Librarian. The links we provide will be persistent and managed for copyright compliance.

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