Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Tip: how to access subscription-only content with one click

In a staff Yammer conversation a question was asked about why links to the Chronicle of Higher Education fail to load when off-campus. Now, I’m not sure of the exact reasons why this was happening for this particular person, but The Chronicle, like many others in the huge range of electronic resources that the Library manages, requires authentication when off-campus. On campus, on the wired network the ezproxy authentication works automatically so staff and students don’t have to do anything special to view that content. Isn’t that great?

However, on the wireless network and off-campus users have to authenticate to meet licence requirements. Not quite as great – but access is still free for Bond staff and students.

If you access Library electronic resources from Summon, or from the electronic resources list on the Library website you will be lead through the authentication and it will be easy. But often you will discover resources via Twitter, or a friend might email you a link, or in Zite or Flipboard or any one of a plethora of other methods and the Library’s ezproxy system will not be in-the-loop to help you out.

Time to level-up in the information skills game? Read on, even if you think you are not technically-minded.

Desktop Browsers

  1. LibX toolbar – this is a free toolbar that has been customised for Bond library resources. It works in Chrome, Firefox and IE with some variation between the three browsers. One of its many features is the right-click menu which provides a “reload via ezproxy” option. You can use this on any paywalled resource in your browser – if it’s one that the Library provides access to then you will see the off-campus log-in and you’ll be reading that article in no time. If it’s not one of our resources you’ll see a message to that effect.
  2. Bookmarklet – a bookmarklet is a browser bookmark with superpowers! Instead of a URL, its address is a little piece of javascript that adds functionality. These can be added to your toolbar favorites/bookmarks so they are immediately available for when that paywalled content appears in your browser.


Read via Bond Library

Drag this link to your bookmarks toolbar and you will be all set…. Unless you are reading this on a mobile device.


Managing bookmarklets on iPads and iPhones is possible but trickier.

  1. In Safari save this or any page as a bookmark
  2. Edit the bookmark
  3. Rename the bookmark “Read via Bond Library” or whatever you like. 
  4. Paste (or type) the javascript below into the URL field


If you are not sure how to manage your Safari bookmarks in the iPad take a look at:



I’m still investigating options for Android devices including Bookmarklet Free app. If you have any tips please leave a comment.


  1. Excellent post - thank you!

  2. I've just tested using my "desktop" bookmarklets via Chrome on a Samsung S4 phone and the bookmarklet worked just fine. This relies on Chrome being synched across multiple devices so that bookmarks created on the desktop can be used anywhere