Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Step 1 to be an email ninja

Although I had to compete with free pancakes (a popular Orientation Week activity) seventeen new students demonstrated their desire to make ninja-like with their inboxes and showed up yesterday for a short session on how to use email rules (also known as filters) to tame the deluge of messages that being a university student entails.Organised Email Inbox Wouldn’t it be nice to have your inbox look like this one when you log in?

At the end I asked each of them to tell two other students what they had learned so it’s hoped that before too long our new students will be totally organised when it comes to email. For those who don’t benefit from the word-of-mouth campaign, here is the low down.

  1. Figure out how you’d like all your email messages sorted into folders. Suggestions include: 1 folder for each subject you are enrolled in; 1 for messages from the student associations or clubs.
  2. Create new folders in your inbox.
  3. Go to the options menu and choose ‘create some inbox rules’
  4. Figure out the criteria for choosing which message goes where. Suggestions: Every message with a subject code in the subject line of the email should go into the respective folder. Every message from my lecturer or tutorial group members should go in the respective folder.
  5. Configure the rulesConfiguring rules

Bonus tips:

Image Credit: Ninja by Seth W. used under a Creative Commons licence in this derivative work. You may use this image under the same licence.


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