Monday, April 15, 2013

What's in e-publications@bond?

e-publications@bond is the University's open access digital repository that contains many types of material by Bond academics.  There are edited journals, PhD theses, open access books as well as articles, and extensive Personal Researcher Pages.

Here are a few impressive statistics.  e-publications@bond now contains 10,453 items!  57% of all repository records have a PDF of the publication attached whether they are in a Faculty series, or in an issue of one of our refereed journals. There are also 270 images relating to Bond University and over 250 Personal Researcher Pages with many further full-text publications available.

To look at it another way, all the Faculty stats below represent full-text publications, but the ERA (Excellence in Research Australia) collection is a closed collection with only the metadata (the description of the publication) available.   

Explore e-publications@bond, visit some of our world class journals and follow your favourite researcher to keep up with research in your area of interest.

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