Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Architecture documentaries online

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The library has a subscription to Art and Architecture in Video, a collection of documentaries and interviews illustrating the history, theory and practice of art, design and architecture. All the videos can be streamed online and contain accompanying transcripts.

Click the links below to see some of the different topics of videos available:

How to access Art and Architecture in Video

  1. Go to the Library homepage 
  2. Select the Electronic Resources link under the search box 
  3. Search for Art and Architecture in Video in the search box 
  4. Click on ‘Art and Architecture in Video’ 
  5. Click on the URL 
  6. Enter your Bond login details (if you’re not a Bond PC) 
  7. Or just go directly to the Art and Architecture in Video record on the Electronic Resources page and login from there.

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