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Top 3 survival tips for the end of semester

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It's week 9 and mid-terms are behind us, but we noticed a few stressed faces around the library in the last few weeks. We thought we'd make some suggestions for how to be prepared for the end of semester exams and for submitting your final assignments.

The general message of this post won't be surprising to you, but:

Don't leave it to the last minute!

We aren't saying you have to finish your assignments a week or even days in advance, but if you are trying to finalise your work in the last five minutes before it is due you are likely to encounter problems.

And so, in no particular order, here are our top 3 tips for surviving the end of semester:

TIP 1: REFERENCING. Become familiar with your faculty's referencing style as you are writing your final papers. Referencing often takes more time that you expect, so if you can work on your referencing as you go rather than leave it to last you will save your self some time in the long run. Guides for referencing are available on the library website.
1.1: The last week of semester is not the time to be learning how to use RefWorks or Endnote! Get the tools now and practice with them in the lead up to final assessments.

TIP 2: SAVING YOUR DOCUMENTS. Control + S is your friend! Try to get in the habit of saving your work often. Control + s is a keyboard shortcut you can use to quickly save your work. Make sure you save your work in a place where you can find it again - either a USB key or your H:Drive on Bond Computers
2.1: Don't save your documents to the desktops of Bond computers. Once you log off they will disappear!

2.2: If you are working from email, remember to save your document to a permanent location before you start making changes. See the i Files for more information.

TIP 3: PRINTING. We all know printing can cause stress around the end of semester. If you leave your printing to the last minute there may be a queue at the printers, or your document may take longer to print that you expect, making you late to submit.
Aim to have your assignment printed AT LEAST an hour before it is due (but earlier is better!)
3.1: Did you know you don't have to be on a Bond Computer to send your work to the printer? Check out our WebSubmit service to learn how to send documents from your personal device.

BONUS TIP: Have an exam? Look up the location before your arrive on campus so you know where you're going. It sounds obvious but we get lots of lost and stressed students in the library around the end of semester, and you don't want to arrive to your exam in a fluster.

Have any other tips? Share them in the comments!

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