Friday, September 07, 2012

QR Codes in the Library

You may have noticed these Top 10 Library Tips posters around the library. The posters include a QR code (or quick-response) code, which is a unique barcode that can be read by the camera of a smartphone. QR codes can direct you to websites, electronic resources, video demonstrations, PDFs and more.

Scanning the QR codes will enhance your library experience by connecting you to essential online resources, demonstrations and support services.

To get started:

1. Connect to Bond’s wireless networkUse your Smartphone to connect to the network. If you need help with this, ask at the library desk or view our online guides.

2. Download a QR Code reader

Search for ‘QR code’ or ‘QR reader’ at your app store. There are many free QR code reader apps available.

3. Scan a QR Code

Find a QR code in the library using the maps on the following pages. Use your downloaded QR Code scanner to scan the QR code, and you will be immediately connected to essential library services—don’t forget to bookmark the links so you can come back to them later!

You can collect one of the Top 10 Library Tips brochures from the front of the library or the information desk to get the full instructions and a map of the locations of the 10 QR Codes. 

If you have any issues following the guide tor scanning the QR codes, just ask at the Information desk where our staff are always happy to help! 

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