Friday, August 03, 2012

Alumni services at Bond University Library

Did you know that Alumni of Bond University are sill able to borrow books from the library - and it's completely free of charge? Even after your graduation has been finalised and your IT account deactivated, you can still borrow 5 books at a time for 2 weeks, and renew any time via your borrower account on the library website. All you need to do is bring  proof of your graduation to the desk at the Main Library and complete an application form to register as a borrower.

Unfortunately Bond University Library is unable to  provide Alumni with access to the electronic resources due to legal and licensing restrictions, but Alumni still have access to over 235,000 volumes and 1,800 journal titles in print. Plus, just like when you were a student, there are no fines for overdue books. Demerit points are accrued in the same way as when you were enrolled at the university - which makes it easier to get books back to us when you are no longer on campus!  Full details of Alumni borrowing privileges can be found here.

So if you are finished your studies but still long for the library, head in today, borrow a few books and enjoy the space! 

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