Friday, March 09, 2012

Enter scifi and cyber space with our new books!

Indulge yourself in some new conversation-starting books that will capture the minds and attention of others.

The Library has just ordered in some new personal and professional development books which will help boost your information bank with interesting factoids!

Become a ‘film virtuoso’ and learn interesting facts about stop animation to share with other film fans!

What’s inside:  
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  • Models from unrealized projects, such as dinosaurs from the unfinished film Evolution
  • Prints of outtakes from various films
  • Early concept drawings and storyboards
  • Colour transparencies of Ray Harryhausen at work
  • Written artefacts such as letters, production budgets, and a diary that details Ray's first meeting with his mentor Willis O'Brien
  • Early film treatments and script extracts, publicity posters and brochures

Become a video gaming sage – without playing a single video game!
What’s inside:  
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  • Details of various game sequences and their explanations
  • In-depth analysis of several popular video games of the past
  • Intended meanings and user experiences of particular games

Love Andriod? Learn how to make your own Andriod Smartphone apps for programming beginners!

What’s inside:
  • How to set up and use the development tools for developing your first Android application
  • The fundamentals of game programming in the context of the Android platform
  • How to use the Android's APIs for graphics (Canvas, OpenGL ES 1.0/1.1), audio, and user input to reflect those fundamentals
  • How to develop two 2D games from scratch, based on the Canvas API and OpenGL ES.
  • How to create a full-featured 3D game
  • How to publish your games, get crash reports, and support your users

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