Monday, February 27, 2012

Create your own ebook collection on EBL

Did you know you can create collections of ebooks on EBL? The collections feature is perfect to use when browsing through your results. Creating specific book collections can save you time. Rather than taking the time to download several books in one go, it may be easier to keep them in a collection to browse through. That way you wont spend time downloading books that may not be of use after all.

So first you need to do a search in EBL...

Once you've found a relevant book, click Add to collection...

Then if you haven't already created a collection you can make a new one..

Give your new collection a name and click Create...

Your book is automatically added to the new collection. Now you can go back through the results or do another search and add books to the collection as you go.

Once you've found the books you're considering downloading, click the My Collections link at the top of the page...

You will then be able to browse and read each book for 5 minutes by clicking the Read this Book link before you decide to download it or not.

You can create as many collections as you want. Having all the relevant books in the one place means that next time you use EBL you can go straight to that collection without having to re-do the search.

Try out the collections feature now on EBL and see for yourself how it can save you time!

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  1. Thanks for the informative posts here. Are there any developments from your ebook providers towards enabling download of books to tablets and smartphones? A post on this topic would be great.