Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Summon mobile and the iLearn app

Did you know you can search Summon on your mobile? There's no app for it yet but there is a mobile friendly webpage. Below is a screenshot of a search for a book in the library which shows you some useful info on the item like whether it's a book or ebook, if it's on loan or in the library and where on the shelves it's located. Just all the important stuff!

Something there is an app for is iLearn, so now you can view course information on your iPhone/iPod/iPad. The actual app is called Blackboard Mobile Learn. Once you've downloaded it from the app store, you can search for Bond University like in the first screenshot below. Then log in using your Bond username and password.You'll then be able to choose the course you want to look at in iLearn. The second screenshot gives you an example of the features available to use in the app.

There's lots of useful apps and mobile friendly sites you can use for your study. Stay tuned for more info about these in the future on The L Files.

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