Thursday, November 10, 2011

Download Ebrary Ebooks for 14 Days

One of our ebook databases - Ebrary, now allows you to download their ebooks for 14 days. Previously with Ebrary you could only read the books in your browser or copy and print a selection of pages. The new download feature means you can spend more time finding the best information for your assignments whether you're on your PC, laptop or mobile device. Just follow these instructions to download from Ebrary:

1. Locate the book you want in Ebrary.
2. Click on the new Download button in the tool bar.
3. Create an Ebrary account (your Bond username and password wont work if you try to enter it).
4. Make sure you have Adobe Digital Editions (free) downloaded on your computer or if you're using a mobile device download something like Bluefire Reader (also free).
5. From the download page select the download option and click OK. You also have the option to download a PDF version of a whole chapter of the book or a selected page range of up to 40 pages.

You can find all Ebrary books by searching the library catalogue or Summon, so if you've got a topic in mind, try searching there first.

For more help with downloading from Ebrary, come to the desk in the library, ask a librarian online or view the Ebrary help guide.

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