Thursday, October 27, 2011

Read The Australian Newspaper Online for Free

All Bond staff and students can get free access to The Australian daily newspapers online through PressDisplay.

PressDisplay provides instant access to over 1900 newspapers from 92 countries. Each newspaper is displayed in full colour and in their original page layout. PressDisplay is easy to access from your computer or mobile device.

You can search for topics of interest, browse your favourite newspapers from around the world, listen to or print selected articles or even translate them into 12 different languages.

Some of the newspapers you will find in PressDisplay include:
  • The Australian 
  • The Courier Mail 
  • The Age 
How to access PressDisplay 
  1. Go to the Library homepage 
  2. Select the Electronic Resources link under the search box 
  3. Search for PressDisplay in the search box 
  4. Click on ‘PressDisplay’ 
  5. Click on the URL 
  6. Enter your Bond login details (if you’re not a Bond PC) 
Or just go directly to the PressDisplay record on the Electronic Resources page and login from there.
Important notice to users
PressDisplay only accepts three users at a time. If you have trouble logging in, please try again later.


  1. Is this application accessible in mobile phones?

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  2. PressReader is a free application that enables you to download content to your PC, Mac, tablet, mobile device or eReader.

    For more information: