Friday, October 14, 2011

eBook Survey Results

Recently the Librarian's went around the Library and got some students to fill out a short survey about ebooks. We also had an online version of the survey on The L Files, so we'd like to share with you some of the results of the survey.

69% of you read ebooks but 56% prefer print books

Print books were generally preferred because of the ability to take notes and easier for scanning/flicking through pages with one respondent commenting:

I like being able to flick through books, pick them up, quickly refer to different parts, make margin notes (in my personal law books, of course) and highlight. You can't do that with eBooks... it makes 'active reading' so much harder!

 Many people mentioned they prefered ebook because they could use them immediately:

“More books should be made accessible online as we can always get a copy this way and not have to wait for the printed copy to be returned!”

Only 34% of people had used EBL before

We also wanted to find out how many of you had used one of our ebook databases called EBL. Turns out, only a third of the respondents had. As a result of taking the survey a few of the respondents were now interested in getting to use it:

"I like the idea of it :) now I'm looking forward to using it!"

If you're one of those people who haven't used EBL before, you can find EBL ebooks through searching Summon, the Library Catalogue or going directly to EBL from the Electronic Resources page.

You canfind both fiction and non-fiction books in EBL, here's a small sample of the books available below.


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