Thursday, September 22, 2011

QR Codes in the Library

Have you noticed QR Codes around the library? You may have seen a QR Code like the one to the left around. We’re using them to give you access to library information and resources on your phone. Check out the spinning racks at the entrance to the main library and near the printers to see some of the QR Code signs we have created.

So what exactly is a QR Code? 
  • It’s a barcode that can hold information.
  • It can be scanned by the camera of a mobile device to receive the information.
  • It can take you to websites, electronic resources, contact details, video demonstrations, PDFs and more. 

Getting Started: 
  1. Use your smartphone to connect to Bond’s wireless network. If you need help with this come to the desk in the Main Library or view our Setup Guide for iPhone/iPod Touch for wireless access.
  2. Search for ‘QR code’ or ‘QR reader’ in your phones app store, you will usually be able to find a free app to download.
  3. Find a QR Code in the library and scan it with the app.
We think QR Codes are a great way for us to share important information to you on your mobile device. If you have any ideas for a library service you would to access via a QR Code please let us know at The Suggestion Box.

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