Thursday, September 08, 2011

Library Drop-in Sessions

Come into the library during weeks 1 to 4 and attend a library class. Start the semester getting organised and ready for your assignments with a class on Finding Information for Assignments, RefWorks or an Introduction to iLearn.

Finding Information for Assignments will help you to learn how to use some of the libraries online resources and figure out the best place to start searching for information for your assignments. Don't be hoodwinked by Google any more, get to know the library's fantastic array of online and print resources available to you.

RefWorks software enables you to create your own database of research references. I highly recommend the session! RefWorks will help you keep track of all that fantastic information your finding. If you've ever known the pain of forgetting to write down the details of an article you need to reference for an assignment, RefWorks can help you avoid this situation.

The Introduction to iLearn is the perfect session for new students. You'll get to know where and how to access course materials, such as weekly readings, powerpoint slides and announcements from lecturers. iLearn is something you'll be using nearly daily whilst at Bond so it's a great opportunity to get familiar with it.

Find out which classes you can attend on the Library Training Timetable page. Don't worry about booking a spot, just turn up on the day. All classes will be held in the Octagon Room in the Main Library (it's the octagon shaped room in the centre of level 2).

See you there!

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