Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Return overdue library items to get your exam results

Now that the semester is nearly over, it’s time to return all the books and DVDs you’ve borrowed for exam and final assignments. Just remember that anyone with overdue loans at the end of semester will have their exams results withheld until the items are returned. So you’ve got until the last week of semester break to make sure there are no overdue items on your record.

"Eeep! I'm already away on holiday! And I still have library books at home!" I hear you say. Well, luckily you can renew your loans online. Check out this video about using your library borrowing record to renew loans.

Just make sure the items you want to renew haven’t been requested by someone else and that you haven’t renewed them too many times already. If you have any problems accessing your account, just ask us at the Library Desk or on the Library website.

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