Friday, July 08, 2011

eduroam gives you wireless access at other universities

We're pleased to announce that Bond University staff and students can now access the eduroam wireless access service at participating universities and academic institutions.

eduroam is an agreement between academic institutions to share access to their wireless networks.

It means you can take your laptop or other mobile device to any of these participating Australian institutions and log on with your Bond username and password. Internationally, eduroam is available in 30 countries, see the eduroam website for details of these if you're travelling. Likewise, staff and students from other institutions can come to Bond and log on.

Here's the details on how to use eduroam.


  1. hello
    just wondering if you could provide some up to date info on how to access eduroam, as the link to 'details on how to use eduroam' on this post goes to an error page.

    do we need to enter a server and a port, and if so what are they?


  2. Thanks for letting us know about the broken link. The information that you needed can be found at:eduroam webpage