Thursday, June 16, 2011

EBL - 25,000 new books in the Library!!

We're really excited about our new resource EBL (Ebook Library) as it makes over 25,000 new e-books available to Bond students and staff.

The subject areas covered include Architecture, Business/Management, IT, Health/Medicine, Journalism, Linguistics, Law, Mathematics, Political Science, Psychology and Tourism/Hospitality. There's a vast amount of the latest academic information available for many areas of the Bond community.

You'll now start to come across these books when you search Summon or the Library catalogue. Or if you want to go straight in and have a look at what's available EBL is listed on the Electronic Resources page. Click here to have a look right now!

Some points to note:

• You'll need to enter your Bond University username and password each time you use EBL on or off-campus. This is so EBL can remember which books you're currently using, and keep track of your notes/bookmarks etc.
• After 5 minutes browsing a book, you'll be asked to 'loan' the book, which means you can
use it for 24 hours. If you need to keep using it after that, just loan it again.
• Books are available that have been published electronically from 2009 onwards
• The books can be downloaded so you can read them offline for the period of your loan with the free 'Adobe Digital Editions' software. You won't be able to do this on the student computers at Bond though.
• The 'Help/Feedback' option in EBL offers nice succinct answers to many of the common questions about EBL

Here's a video that'll show you the main features of EBL.

We hope you find EBL useful!

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