Monday, February 28, 2011

Get ready for Summon!

As mentioned in a previous post, the library is about to introduce a powerful new way of searching for information across the full breadth of library resources. This new service is due to go live next Monday 7th March, and it's called Summon.
What does Summon do for you?When you enter your words in the Summon search box, Summon does a simultaneous (and fast) search of a huge range of library resources, both electronic and print. You'll get journal articles, books and more, relevance ranked and ready for you to access for your work.

A single search
You'll be able to search across more of the library's resources in one go than you've previously been able to. As well as saving you time, it's a great way to discover resources you may have never searched before. Summon also has sophisticated searching features which mean that you can really control the results you're getting - or you can just put your words in the box and search!

You'll be able to do all this from next Monday 7th March, from the Library homepage.

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