Monday, March 01, 2010

Library Annex open for business

Hello, just a quick update on some changes happening in the Library. As you may be aware, all the books, dvds etc that used to live on Level 3 have now been relocated so that the refurbishment work can start there.

Due to space limitations however these materials have had to be located in two separate areas.

So: you can now find books with the following classifications in the Level 3 Annex:
A, C–G, J, L–P8, P10–PD, PF–QC, S–Z
To get to the Annex, head up the hill from the Main Library entrance and at the top of the hill you'll find the Annex entrance on your left. The Annex will be open and staffed from 8am-6pm, Monday-Friday. Outside of these times you can ask at the desk in the Main Library and we'll retrieve the items you want.

And...the official opening of Level 4 is only days (maybe hours) away! Level 4 will have the books, dvds etc with the following classifications:
B, H, P9, PE, QD–QZ, R
At the moment, to find out about accessing these materials just ask at the desk in the Main Library.

I should point out that this is a temporary layout to take us through the final stage of the Library's refurbishment. Before you know it (towards the end of April to be a little more precise) the refurbishment will be complete and we will all be enjoying the benefits of a completely re-made Library.

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