Thursday, February 25, 2010

New to the collection in January

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Don't believe everything you think: the 6 basic mistakes we make in thinking
In this accessible text, Kida outlines six common errors in thinking that lead people to believe things that aren’t true and make decisions that negatively affect their lives. He describes the cognitive basis of such common foibles as ignoring the role of coincidence in shaping events and explains how these errors can be corrected through the development of critical thinking skills.

Environmental science: a global concern
Glacier retreat is one of the alarm bells of global climate change. The loss of glaciers around the world is not just an academic problem. Hundreds of millions of people rely on ice melt from snowfields and glaciers for drinking water and irrigation. The loss of these water sources is already causing stress and conflict in many regions. This book asks some questions about how environmental change matters to our human populations and to the resources on which we depend.

Land Law
Covering all areas of contemporary land law in modern, plain English, this edition continues the approach of previous editions in tracing the developments of land law from its English origins, while also emphasising the uniquely Australian aspects of land law. These aspects include particularly Torrens title, strata title, Crown lands, and Indigenous land issues. All chapters have been completely revised to take into account recent case law and statutory developments. Areas of significant change include co-ownership, leases, easements, covenants, mortgages, adverse possession, Torrens title, Crown lands, and native title. The book is written both for students seeking a structured and accessible approach to land law, and for practitioners and researchers looking for detailed coverage.

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