Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Level 3 to be closed from next week

You're probably aware that the Library refurbishment is currently moving ahead on Level 4, and in the Level 3 toilets. Good news! The reopening of Level 4 is now only weeks away....

As part of these final stages of improvement works, you'll notice some changes in the Main Library from next week (22 Feb), when the refurbishment of Level 3 begins.

Which might cause you to wonder - how on earth are they going to refurb Level 3 with all of those books, dvds etc in there??? The short answer is - we're not. The General Collection which has previously lived on Level 3 will be picked up and shifted to temporary locations to ensure that it is safe, and accessible, while the work is underway.

This will mean some changes to how you can access the materials you need.

For next week only (22 Feb - 28 Feb), while all the books, dvds, cd-roms etc are being relocated, just ask at the Library desk and staff will get what you want for you.

After next week, the General Collection will be available for you to access in its new, temporary locations (including the upgraded and newly reopened Level 4!). I'll post again at the end of next week and give you all the details, or keep your eye out on the LCD screens in the Library.

measurement tape image:


  1. Is there any consideration given to the students who will be studying for their mid semester exams and use level 3 of the library? Resources such as desk space are already at a premium.

  2. Thanks for your comment. We are aware that quiet study areas are in short supply and apologize for the incovenience that the closure will cause. We have designated the Octagon room on Level 2 a quiet study area, which will go a small way towards aleviating the problem. Other study spaces are available in the lab precinct on Level 1 of the Arch Building (including the Board Room and the Learning Lounge).