Friday, January 15, 2010

Update on the Library refurbishment

I've been telling new students this week how lucky they are to have arrived just in time to enjoy the brand new Library space. Continuing students too get to enjoy these benefits, as well as Information Services staff :)

The refurbishment work has now moved on to Level 4. The print journals have all been picked up and moved out, the Group Study rooms knocked down and the work to rebuild Level 4 with its own brand new facilities and spaces is underway.

What this means at the moment is that Level 4 is not accessible. This stage of the refurbishment is expected to be finished around the end of February, and we appreciate your patience until then.

In the mean time, the two (brand new and big!) Group Study rooms on Level 2 are still available, and there are also two rooms in the Law Library which are bookable by all students. Also, you can still get access to the print journals, jusk ask us at the desk.

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