Thursday, October 08, 2009

What do Bondies think of their rejuvenated Library?

Since the refurbished Library opened last week Bond students have quickly made it their own, with all the spaces on Level 2 buzzing with activity. As well as voting with their feet, many students have taken the time to put their praise in writing, which we really appreciate.

Here are some of the many positive and enthusiastic comments we have received:

  • Hey guys! Great job on the new library space! Its an excellent use of the area and is a good balance between computers, books, relaxing space, group study areas and all other things needed.

  • I have been here since 073 and have seen lots of changes around this Uni. I have to say this new library is one of the best, well thought out renovations around campus. I am actually motivated to do study in here! I am really enjoying the warm lighting and comforting look of this place. THANK YOU for providing lots of computers and laptop space to work in!

  • Great looking facility - staff is the best asset

  • This is the best library I have ever seen. Thank you to all who have made efforts for the future of Bond students

  • Everything is very well set out, technologically advanced. A great environment to learn in

As we get ready for the official opening tomorrow it's great to know the Library is already back at the heart of student life!

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