Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Database trial - Scopus

Bond University is currently running a trial of the database Scopus, a large interdisciplinary abstract and citation database.
Scopus contains abstracts and references from over 16,000 peer reviewed journals worldwide, as well as open access journals, published sets of conference proceedings, trade publications and selected web pages. Although most comprehensive in the sciences, Scopus is currently expanding its coverage of the social sciences and humanities literature.

Scopus aims to provide superior support of the literature research process. Tools designed to support research collaboration and assess journal quality are provided. A significant feature of Scopus is the availability of citation tracking information; researchers can check how many citations an article or author has received, and use the 'cited by' and 'references' links to track research trends and make connections within a subject area.

Citations in Scopus are linked to available full-text articles via Bond Article Linker.

The trial is running until 11 September and can be accessed here. We invite your feedback on the functionality and coverage of this resource, particularly in comparison to the citation database Bond currently subscribes to, the Web of Science.

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