Wednesday, November 19, 2008

4th Year Psychology Poster Display

4th Year Psychology Students’ Poster Display

Every semester fourth year psychology students in their final subject complete a poster project outlining their research topics. Friday 14th November all was revealed when the Semester 3/08 posters were displayed in the Main Library foyer.

The large number of students and staff who attended the display opening, prize giving and morning tea were all justifiably impressed by the very high standard of students’ work.
First prize was awarded to James Champion for his poster entitled ‘Age and the abstraction of prototypes versus exemplars for schematic faces’.
Runners up were Cecilia Moar and Vanessa Basch.
James is also a library staff member in his spare time…you may have already seen his smiling face at the library loans desk. Well done!

James Champion (centre) with Dr Mike Lyvers and Dr Mark Bahr

The posters will be on display in the library from Friday 14th until Monday 24th of November … so come into the library and have a look!

Some of the admiring crowd...

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  1. This topic is really good. This is remembering me my college life.