Thursday, July 10, 2008

Free image & media files!

Yes, Free (& legal) image & media files using educational and Creative Commons sites. . .

If you are looking for still images, clip art, video, animation or sound files for your assignment or group presentation this is a great place to start. There is a plethora of valuable sites on the web which contain public domain and open access material offering a multitude of mixed media items which are royalty free, or have a Creative Commons licence.

You do not need the copyright holder’s approval to use the material contained in these sites, however

Before you download any material from any internet site always check that you understand the Terms of Use of material on that site.

Check the Terms of Use on the attribution link for this photo.

Always make an acknowledgement, or inclusion of a copyright statement with the selected material.

Copyright information may also be found under other various headings such as: About Us, Conditions of Use, Permission, Copyright, FAQs or Legal obligations.

"Playground” Photo by Annika Archive

Follow these links to a world of open access

Creative Commons search

Creative Commons provide access to a large range of licensed media that you can legally share and reuse for free.

Definition of a Creative Commons License: The Copyright holder keeps copyright but allows people to copy and distribute copyrighted work provided they meet stipulations in the license.

See the video
‘Wanna Work Together?’ for an entertaining explanation of the CC genre.

Check out the
Australian Creative Commons site.

Flickr CC image

Here are some more educational friendly sites with a huge range of media:

Copyright on the Internet Index of Online Resources
This is a table of public domain, open access, and sites of interest for still images, clip art, video, animation, and sound.

AICT (Art Images for College Teaching)
Free-use image resource for the educational community.

Arts and Humanities Data Service (AHDS) formerly VADSAccess to collections of images which may be used for research or teaching purposes but if used for teaching must be restricted so that access is only available to students who have signed an appropriate undertaking. See AHDS conditions for use.

Pics4Learning Copyright-friendly images for education.

Microsoft Clipart
Microsoft Office clip art can be used for personal or educational use.

Enjoy browsing and make a comment, your feedback is welcome!

….There is more copyright information on the
Library website.

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  1. My favourite source of creative commons images is Flickr. The advanced search can be limited to CC licensed images (and some video).Or use Flickrstorm to search with a more user-friendly interface. For music, Jamendo has over 10000 albums, all of which are available under various CC licenses.

    A couple of alternatives to starting at the Creative Commons search site.