Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Self-service loans on the horizon

Back in June we received a suggestion to purchase an "automatic loaning machine" in the suggestion box. At the time we replied that we were starting a project to select and implement a self-service loans unit.

We have some news... the project has been proceeding and we look forward to implementing self-service loans in the new year. We are still not sure exactly when it will be operational, but we are expecting the equipment to be delivered in the next few weeks. A testing phase will then take place before we can switch it on for you to use.

The unit will have a slot for you to place your student/staff card and you will then be able to place books one at a time under the scanner to check them out to yourself.

It will look a bit like this, only built into the desk instead of a free-standing unit. The unit will be located the Main Library and some modifications to the space have already been made to accommodate the equipment.

Reports from other libraries with the same type of unit are that these are very easy to use. But if you do need any help using it, staff will be nearby to assist. And you can still approach staff to check out items for you anyway, especially if you have hold requests to collect or have other enquiries about your loans.

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  1. I prefer to see the friendly librarians.