Monday, August 20, 2007

New to the shelves

The new titles lists were updated today. Find out what new titles have recently made it onto the shelves. Read the list on the web, or subscribe via RSS feed.

Here are some selections...

The remarkable 20th century (Television Program on DVD)
This televised time capsule recounts the incredible events of the past 100 years. Through exclusive interviews and rare film footage you will witness the great wars, devastating disasters, and social changes of this century decade-by-decade.

The myths of innovation / Scott Berkun
"In The Myths of Innovation, author Scott Berkun takes a careful look at innovation history, including the software and Internet ages, to reveal how ideas truly become successful innovations - truths that you can apply to today's challenges." "Using dozens of examples from the history of technology, business, and the arts, you'll learn how to convert the knowledge you have into ideas that can change the world."--BOOK JACKET.

Photo by Thomas Hawk CC. Some rights reserved.

Anonymous lawyer / Jeremy Blachman
He’s a hiring partner at one of the world’s largest law firms. Brilliant yet ruthless, he has little patience for associates who leave the office before midnight. He hates holidays and paralegals. And he’s just started a weblog to tell the world about what life is really like at the top of his profession. Meet Anonymous Lawyer--corner office, granite desk, and a billable rate of $675 an hour. But he’s also got a few problems that require his attention. There’s The Jerk, his bitter rival at the firm, who is determined to do whatever it takes to beat him out for the chairman’s job. There’s Anonymous Wife, who is spending his money as fast as he can make it. And there’s that secret blog he’s writing, which is a perverse bit of fun until he gets an e-mail from someone inside the firm who knows he’s its author.

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