Monday, June 18, 2007

Library catalogue Google gadget

Do you use a personalized Google page? Yes! You can now add a Bond Library catalogue search box to iGoogle. The library catalogue Google gadget helps you search for authors, titles, subjects or keywords. It is easy to install, just visit the Downloads page on the Library website and "Add to Google".


  1. Peta,

    This looks like a very good application - one which I would like to investigate for the University of Sydney. Perhaps it could be added to a blog? Do you know who set it up for Bond?


    Jeremy Cullis

  2. It was me. I borrowed from UWA's library Google Gadget. I wrote about my first efforts on my personal blog.

    In the comments on that post there is a link to UWA's google gadget code. I'm not sure how you'd go about plugging it into a blog. They are designed to work with iGoogle, the personalised Google search service. Maybe Widgetbox or similar services might offer an alternative.