Thursday, March 22, 2007

New resources in the Library

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Human rights resources feature in the recent titles list:

Health and human rights
The topics covered include professional ethics; research and experimentation; treatment of prisoners and detainees; patients' rights; right to health; right to life; freedom from torture, war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide; biotechnology; and protection of the environment.
Minority rights jurisprudence digest
The ’Minority rights jurisprudence digest’ is a comprehensive yet analytical classification of cases on international and regional jurisprudence on minority rights
Crimes against humanity
Geoffrey Robertson tells the dramatic story of how the human-rights idea has come to dominate world politics, culminating in the decision to bomb Serbia for its crimes against humanity.

Also screenwriting resources :

This 5 DVD set offers in-depth interviews from Screenwriting Expo 4. Producers,directors, actors, screenwriters share practical advice on how to break into and stay in the screenwriting trade.
Making a good script great
Noted Hollywood script consultant Linda Seger analyzes the elements of screenplays and gives advice on screenwriting.
Screenwriter's guide to making money
The seminar that transforms the screenwriter from a rookie to a professional: Understanding the Industry:Terms, Agent vs. Manager, What’s Hot/Not; Packaging Yourself and Your Script: Logline and Synopsis; Selling the Package: Query Letter and Pitch; and Getting A Literacy Agent

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