Thursday, March 01, 2007

Legal Research Tip

Finding Australian Company Law Cases (ACLC) Online


Pilmer & Ors v The Duke Group (In Liquidation) & Ors
(2001) 19 ACLC 1,172

1. Look up ACLC in the list of Law Report Citations (available from the guide stand in the Law Library) or on

2. Using the full title of the reports - Australian Company Law Cases – check the
Library Catalogue.

3. Note that the Law Library has a print copy of Australian Company Law Cases on the shelf at KH 42 AUSC.

4. If you wish to check whether there is an electronic version, find out who the publisher is – in this case, CCH.

5. Look on the list of Electronic Resources to see if CCH appears.

6. Try the CCH Online Corporations Library to see if the reports are contained in it.

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