Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Library look-up from online bookstores

Have you ever wanted to quickly check if the library has a copy of a book when you are browsing Amazon and other online bookstores?

This bookmarklet will quickly search the Library Catalogue for the ISBN (international standard book number) in a separate window. It will only work from the full details view of a book in Amazon or Barnes&Noble, and other online bookstores that use the ISBN in the web address.

Bond Library ISBN keyword -- Right click on this link and add to your favourites in the Links folder.

Update: Ok, when we try to publish this blog post, the link is wrapped onto a new line and it breaks. Instead you can get the Library Lookup from the Downloads page of the Library website.

You will be asked to approve the link. Choose yes.

Books that have been published in more than one region may have different ISBNs, so it's worth doing a title search too, just in case.

For more information about Library Lookups you can read about the project at John Udell's weblog. Read the tips for making best use of this bookmarklet. There is also a page to help you build your own library lookups for other libraries.

Test it:
1. Visit this book on Amazon
2. Click on your library lookup

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