Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Sorry for all the capital letters - BUT WE ARE VERY EXCITED ABOUT THIS EVENT!

We have been overwhelmed by the generous donations from everyone across campus. Just look at the variety and the quality of donations in this gallery:

All of these books (and about 300 more!) will be for sale at our second hand book stall:
  • Date: Wednesday the 17th of September
  • Time: 10:00 am - 2:00 pm
  • Welcome event: 10:30 am
  • Location: Quadrangle (in among all the student groups!)
  • Cost: All books are available for a gold coin donation - including textbooks!

The event will be officially launched at 10:30 am with some words from University Librarian Wendy Abbott, PVC Student and Academic Services Alan Finch, and Aunty Pat Levy, a well respected elder to our community and a good friend to the university.

So bring your change and treat yourself to some new books - but get in quick before the librarians!

Many thanks to the students of Bond Indigenous Awareness Society in their support and work for this event

Friday, September 12, 2014

Law Library Challenge

This semester our new law students participated in The Law Library Challenge - an interactive orientation game in which they had to find information and answer questions while exploring the Law and Main libraries.

Marietta Gunn from LexisNexis made a special trip to the Law Library to present the books to the winning students:

From left to right: Marietta Gunn, Graham Semeniuk, Kaila Wilowski, Rami Bisso, Bjoern Wolkmann & Michael Wallace (Law Library manager).

Congratulations to the winners of the prizes kindly donated by LexisNexis for the Law Library Challenge, and thankyou to all who took part in the Law Library Challenge!

From left to right: Assistant Professor Kylie Fletcher-Johnson, Marietta Gunn, Graham Semeniuk, Kaila Wilowski, Rami Bisso & Michael Wallace.

Friday, September 05, 2014

Week one Library events

We have a range of events this week for both new and current students. 
Learn how to use the library resources or save yourself time when compiling your reference list with RefWorks

Events this Week: 

Top Library Tips and RefWorks classes are held in the Octagon Room in the Main Library. No need to book. 

Wednesday, September 03, 2014

The fundraising event for book lovers!


for the first GREAT BOOK SWAP held at Bond University! 

What is it? 

A second hand book sale that raises money for the Indigenous Literacy Foundation, an organisation that delivers books and literacy resources to Indigenous children living in remote and isolated regions.

Did you know?

Only 1 in 5 kids in a Northern Territory remote community can read at an acceptable level, and less than 36% of Indigenous people in a remote community have access to a library and books. You can help remedy this by donating to the Indigenous Literacy Foundation.

How do I get involved? 

Step 1: Donate your pre-loved books at the Main or Law Library from the 3rd to the 16th of September.
Step 2: Come to the Great Book Swap on Wednesday the 17th of September between 10 am and 2 pm and buy a book (or three!) for a gold coin donation per book.

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for updates - and teasers of what books will be for sale on the day!

This event is brought to you by Bond University Library and the Bond Indigenous Awareness Society

Monday, September 01, 2014

Welcome to O-Week at Bond Library!

We have lots of events this week to show you around the library and get you orientated with the library website: 

Tuesday, 3pm: Library tour

Wednesday, 9am: Library tour

Thursday, 9am: Library tour
Thursday, 1:30pm: Step 1 to being an email ninja

Don't forget your online orientation: it will take you about fifteen minutes and by the end you will be equipped with everything you need to use the library!

To hear about what's happening in the next few weeks of semester, like us on Facebook,
or follow us on Instagram.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Semester break opening hours

Another great semester is behind us, and it's time to take a break and as the quote says, indulge in some nonsense before the last semester for 2014
is upon us.

The Libraries and MLC will operate on reduced hours over the semester break. Full opening hours, commencing Monday the 18th of August, are as follows: 

BREAK WEEK ONE: Mon 18th – Sun 24th August
Main Library
·         Monday to Thursday: 8:30 am – 9:00 pm
·         Friday: 8:30 am – 5:00 pm
·         Saturday and Sunday: 12:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Law Library & MLC
·         Monday to Friday: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
·         Saturday and Sunday: CLOSED

BREAK WEEK TWO: Mon 25th – Sun 31st August
Main Library
·         Monday to Thursday: 8:30 am – 9:00 pm
·         Friday: CLOSED for Gold Coast Show Day
·         Saturday and Sunday: 12:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Law Library & MLC
·         Monday to Thursday: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
·         Friday: CLOSED for Gold Coast Show Day
·         Saturday and Sunday: CLOSED

Complete opening hours for the Libraries and the MLC can be viewed online.

See you all in Semester 143! 

Friday, August 15, 2014

Best Courtroom Films

With exam week coming to an end, we just want to say congratulations to all Law students (as well as all other Bond students), and hopefully all your hard work has paid off.
There will be plenty of work to do next semester, but for now why not grab a few movies from the library and relax?

If you need some inspiration, here is our list of Top 10 courtroom films available from the Bond library.
Click on the film title to find the film in the library catalogue

http://library.bond.edu.au:8991/F/?func=find-b&find_code=SYS&local_base=BON01&request=000421331 A Few Good Men

As well as being a great film, this movie contains one of the most quotable lines ever: "You want the truth? You can't handle the truth!"
Erin Brockovich

In the year 2000 the Spice Girls went on an "indefinite hiatus" but Girl Power received a new role model in Erin Brockovich, the true story of an unemployed, single mother who brought a class action lawsuit against a multi-billion dollar corporation.
My Cousin Vinny

It's an early 90s comedy staring Joe Pesci. Doesn't sound like much, but this film is surprisingly good. Marisa Tomei even won an Oscar for her role. And if that's not enough, one of the co-stars is Ralph Macchio (that's right, the Karate Kid)!
The People vs Larry Flynt

Woody Harrelson is awesome and everyone should watch all of his movies! In this particular film, he plays the part of Larry Flynt, the publisher of the Hustler magazines who becomes a champion of free speech.
The Lincoln Lawyer

Well cast, solid acting, interesting story, lots of twists and turns, this is a high quality courtroom drama. Matthew McConaughey shows once again (we don't have A Time to Kill in the library but it's well worth a watch) that when given the chance, he actually can act!
Gettin' Square

The courtroom scenes with David Wenham are arguably funnier than the courtroom scenes from The Castle (see below). An Australian comedy, set on the Gold Coast, with an entertaining story and written by a lawyer (Chris Nyst). What more could you want?
The Crucible

Arthur Miller's timeless tale of truth and trial. A cautionary tale of the dangers of fear driving law.
The Castle

Ahh... one of the most entertaining and most quotable Australian movies. It's also as moving as it is funny.
Kramer vs Kramer

No, this isn't some sort of hilarious Seinfeld doppelganger episode in which Kramer must use karate to destroy an evil, goatee-sporting version of himself (although that would be pretty cool). It is, however, a heartfelt, heartwrenching, brilliantly acted film in which a divorced couple fight for custody over their young son.
To Kill a Mockingbird

 A must-see film based on a must-see book. This film is without equal in terms of great courtroom films.

Do you love science?

Next week is National Science Week! The week aims to get people talking about science in Australia - celebrating our scientific achievements and encouraging Australians to 'become fascinated by the world we live in' - a fantastic goal I think. As a research institution Bond is at the forefront of science in many different areas.

If you're a science-lover and want something to fascinate you, here's a few suggestions (click a book cover for detail on how to access a book):


Join Charles Darwin on a 5 year scientific expedition, as he's working out nothing less than the theory of evolution.

This one looks fascinating, winning a Pulitzer Prize and turning up frequently on internet lists of the best science books ever. The content looks a bit mind-bending, touching on philosophy, creativity, pattern-making, and learning how to think. I think I'll borrow this one soon.

If you're interested in sports science you'll want to read this. Check out some of the reviews here - the book has certainly got people talking.

When science goes...bad!! This book exposes the bad science that is unfortunately common in our everyday lives, including 'quack doctors, flaky statistics, scaremongering journalists and evil pharmaceutical companies'. The book's quite funny as well apparently.
Part science, part history, and part art, this book will make you think of the Great Barrier Reef in new ways. The book has been called 'necessary reading for anyone who cares about the future of the ocean'.

'America's funniest science writer' gives you a lesson in biology you're unlikely to forget. Take a journey through the alimentary canal (if you dare).

If your taste is more more journal articles than books, why not check out the hottest articles in your chosen field? The Top 25 from Sciencedirect lists the hottest articles (by downloads) in fields such as biochemistry, business, environmental science, medicine, and the humanities.

Enjoy your reading!