Tuesday, January 27, 2015

News from the Law Library

During Bond Week new law students were able to compete in the Law Library Challenge - an interactive orientation game in which they had to find information and answer questions while exploring the Law Library.

All students who completed the challenge with enough correct answers went into the draw to win one of six textbooks donated by LexisNexis.

Marietta Gunn from LexisNexis made a special trip to the Law Library to present the books to the winning students:

From left to right: University Librarian Wendy Abbott, Maria Rosa Muia, Lisa Boutilier, Professor Michael Weir (back), Shaila Shafique, Marietta Gunn & Antoinette Cass (Acting Law Library manager).

Congratulations to the winners of the prizes kindly donated by LexisNexis, and thankyou to all who took part in the Law Library Challenge!

In other news, in response to a request posted on the Law Library Suggestion Board, we now have a scanner in the law Library. The scanner is connected to the Express Printing computer near the printing top-up machine.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Let FLOW do your referencing Work

Flow  Reference Manager.

Flow makes managing your citations even simpler. Get organised -

set up and access your Bond Flow account today!

Flow is a cloud-based reference manager that keeps all your journal/book readings and citations in the one place. References, citations and bibliographies are necessary in creating academic papers. Don’t be stuck at the end of your assignment manually inputting citations!

Using Flow will help you:

      QUICKLY insert and edit citations to your assignment pages, adding them to your bibliography as you go.

SAVE your web content files to a dedicated folder for each subject/assignment.

READ and add notes to your articles right there in the cloud with 10GB of storage space.

CAPTURE citation details from journal databases using the ‘Save to Flow’ bookmarklet.

INTEGRATE with Google Docs and DropBox.

COME ALONG to a session in Weeks 2 and 3, and learn how set up an account, and access Flow for free as a Bond Student or Staff member.   View our event calendar

This class is suitable for:

  • -        Undergraduates, postgraduates, researchers and staff
  • -        Staff and students who aren’t yet using a citation management tool
  • -        Staff and students who are using ProQuest Refworks and want to easily migrate to Flow

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

EndNote classes in Weeks 2, 3 and 4

Our EndNote classes last semester were so popular we have decided to run loads more this semester! 
Classes will be held during Weeks 2, 3, and 4. 

We are also offering classes specifically for Mac users because EndNote works a little differently on
 a Mac. 

Visit the Library Events Calendar for the times and dates. Registration is required for the EndNote 

If you've never heard of EndNote, it is a powerful piece of citation management software that 
helps you:
  • gather references from article databases
  • format manuscripts and citations in a variety of styles
  • transfer references among various applications
  • share citations with colleagues
  • organise a personal database of references
  • generate bibliographies

Sound good? Come to a class!

Friday, January 16, 2015

Week One Library events

We have a range of events this week for both new and current students.
Learn how to use the library resources and start smart by using our extensive online resources.

Events this Week:

Top Library Tips are held in the Octagon Room in the Main Library. No need to book.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Authors, University copyright surveys and the Copyright Agency

The Licence

As you may know Bond University has a ‘statutory licence’ with the Copyright Agency Limited (CAL) which allows the copying of print and graphic works for educational purposes within limits. The CAL licence, as it is known, provides a system for university staff to reproduce copyright material for Bond University students without needing to seek permission from the copyright owner. This licence is also known as Part VB of the Copyright Act and the University pays a substantial annual licence fee for the benefit of the licence.

The Survey

Under the CAL licence the University is obliged to participate in a ‘Copyright survey’ every few years which requires selected faculties and departments to record the photocopying of published and unpublished work every day for up to twelve weeks. The University commenced a Copyright Survey on 8 December 2014 which continues until 1 March 2015 and during this time the Faculties of Business and Health, Sciences and Medicine, Sustainable Development and Architecture from FSD and various administrative units are being monitored.

Authors who have their work reproduced during a survey receive the benefits.

In essence the survey is held to gather information what copyright materials are being reproduced so authors can be identified and receive remuneration from the CAL. This remuneration is drawn from university, school and other collected licence fees.

The record keeping is not excessively onerous as the staff in the selected units only have to record published and unpublished material that is photocopied, i.e. copied from paper to paper. It is the published ‘copyright’ material that interests CAL and it is the author members of CAL that benefit.

Bond University academics as writers are potential recipients of CAL payments and if you are an author you may like to consider becoming a member of the Copyright Agency. Further information on becoming a writer member is available on the Copyright Agency website.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Welcome to O-Week at Bond Library!

We have lots of events this week to show you around the library and get you orientated with the library website:
Monday, 10:00am: Library Tour
Tuesday, 3:00pm: Library Tour
Tuesday, 3:30pm: Top Library Tips (in under 30 minutes)

Wednesday, 9:00am: Library Tour

Thursday, 9:00am: Library Tour

Don't forget your online orientation: it will take you about fifteen minutes and by the end you will be equipped with everything you need to use the library!

To hear about what's happening in the next few weeks of semester,  like us on Facebook,
or follow us on Instagram.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Library Suggestion Board

HAVE you noticed our RETRO suggestion board as you walk into the Main Library?   Yes we have named it RETRO - harking back to the pre-digital days when suggestion boards were more transparent.  The suggestion board has been in the Main Library for only a few months and has been a popular medium for students requesting services in the Library!  We have received MANY and have responded accordingly.  Here are some suggestions from our Bond students:

Drinking fountain... Office supplies ... Coffee late at night ... Adobe software ... Slippery slide! ... Printing... Cleaning... Massage Therapist ... PS3 Fifa Games ... Library bags ... Reserving computers ... Sleep pods ... Silent areas ... Locker loans ... Lighting ... Student kitchen.

Would you like to see our responses that we have pinned up?  Come into the Main Library and visit the suggestion board!